最新号のthe New England Journal of Medicineに、Copyright and Open Access at the Bedsideという論文が載った。簡単に内容をまとめる。

 For three decades after its publication, in 1975, the Mini–Mental State Examination (MMSE) was widely distributed in textbooks, pocket guides, and Web sites and memorized by countless residents and medical students. The simplicity and ubiquity of this 30-item screening test ― covering such functions as arithmetic, memory, language comprehension, visuospatial skills, and orientation ― made it the de facto standard for cognitive screening. Yet all that time, it was under copyright protection. In 2000, its authors, Marshal Folstein, Susan Folstein, and Paul McHugh, began taking steps to enforce their rights, first transferring the copyright to MiniMental, a corporation the Folsteins founded, and then in 2001 granting a worldwide exclusive license to Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) to publish, distribute, and manage all intellectual property rights. A licensed version of the MMSE can now be purchased from PAR for $1.23 per test. The MMSE form is gradually disappearing from textbooks, Web sites, and clinical tool kits.

 MMSEは1975年に公表され、認知機能スクリーニングの事実上の標準検査となった。しかし、2000年になって、著者らが著作権を主張し始め、2001年にPsychological Assessment Resources (PAR)に知的財産権管理を任せた。現在は、MMSEのライセンス版は1テストあたり1.23ドルで購入できることになった。MMSEは、次第に教科書、Web sites、臨床キットから姿を消しつつある。


 But then in March 2011, a promising new cognitive screening tool that was to be available through “open access,” the Sweet 16 ― a 16-item assessment of thinking, learning, and memory developed by Harvard's Tamara Fong ― was removed from the Internet at the request of PAR in an apparent copyright dispute. The Sweet 16 includes orientation and three-object recall items, similar to the MMSE's, along with a digit-span item. This action, unprecedented for a bedside clinical assessment tool, has sent a chill through the academic community; clearly, clinicians and researchers can no longer live in blissful ignorance of copyright.

 2011年3月、the Sweet 16という認知機能スクリーニングツールが、PARの求めに応じて、インターネット上から消された。理由は、the Sweet 16にある、見当識、3物品想起、数唱がMMSEと同じものだからである。