As the eyes of the world turn to the quarter-finals of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, FIFA is using the occasion to deliver a clear message against racism and any other form of discrimination - with the full backing of the remaining teams. At all four quarter-final matches on 2 and 3 July, each team captain, watched by millions of people around the world, will read out a declaration condemning and rejecting any discrimination in football and society, and teams and match officials will pose jointly alongside a banner displaying the unequivocal message “Say no to racism” during the pre-match programme.

FIFA has organised Anti-Discrimination Days during one of its competitions every year since 2001, when a declaration against racism was signed at the FIFA Extraordinary Congress in Buenos Aires. Although the rejection of discrimination applies all year round, the FIFA Anti-Discrimination Days give the football family the opportunity to join together in condemning this blight on society all around the world.